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With the critical assets of technology companies proving an attractive target for cybercriminals, are you doing all you can to protect your organisation against the latest threats?

Cyber Risk and Technology Firms

Organizations in every industry sector use technology to improve efficiency and drive innovation and profitability, but the sheer pace of change can often lead to serious security considerations being overlooked.

As a leader in the tech space, your customers depend on your products on a daily basis – on the assumption that their security won’t be put at risk. They also rely on you to put cyber security measures in place to protect your technology and the sensitive data it processes. Valorr provides digital risk advisory services to empower you to tackle your most challenging digital risks head on. 

Solving Your Biggest Challenges

We understand the complex operational, third party, and technology risks inherent to technology firms and have built a suite of services to help you solve your toughest risk management challenges.

vCISO Services

Relay on the collective expertise of a team with 20+ years of experience assessing and building cybersecurity programs for leading organizations in a variety of industry verticals. Benefit from frequent industry updates, actionable strategies and security expertise infused into your business operations. 


02Roadmap Strategy




Valorr completed this implementation in just 2 months.



The scope for this global implementation.

Different From the Rest

At Valorr, we take a different approach to managing business and cyber risk.

Proven Equity Expertise

Valorr has worked with some of the largest private equity firms in the world - from family offices and community funds to publicly traded venture capital firms, helping to secure and inform.

Innovative Services

Valorr's experts specialize in understanding emerging threats, new attack vectors, and innovative solutions to help you build smarter, better cyber defenses.

Compliance Experts

Valorr is well versed in industry regulations like GDPR and NYDFS as well as leading privacy and security standards, helping to streamline compliance and strategic initiatives.

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