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Education and Training

Your people are your most reliable business protection, and if you train them on the relevant indicators of threat, they will do their best work, securely. Valorr delivers tailored training, relevant to your business operations. 

Our Services

Valorr has helped hundreds of organizations build sustainable, holistic and business-relevant security awareness and training programs.


Cyber Training For Executives

Security awareness training is one of the keys to any successful security program. No matter how well-documented your policies and processes or how your technology is configured, human risk is still a significant factor to consider. Build a customized security awareness training program based on threats that apply to your organization. Our training programs provides you with the insight you need to build a strong and secure culture.



Valorr completed this assessment in just under 2 months.



The scope for this global implementation.

Virtual CISO Services

Coordinating, funding and continually updating a cybersecurity program takes a team of experts in a variety of competency areas.  With the industry skills gap and common business constraints, it isn’t practical for every organization to hire a team. Valorr partners with organizations to serve as their Chief Information Security Officer, bringing the collective expertise of our team to solve your most challenging cybersecurity risks. 

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